Affiliate Program

Become an API affiliate partner to earn a 25% commission each month with every paying customer signing up using your unique affiliate URL.

scrapestack Affiliate Program

Earn Money Using Our Affiliate Program

There many ways to scrape the web, but only a handful of providers out there generate real value for customers. With scrapestack, wd do our very best every day to offer a simple, intuitive and cost-effective service to scrape the websites at scale. A large part our success depends on people spreading the word about the scrapestack API to attract new customers, which is why we have come up with a generous affiliate program that will reward you with a recurring commission for every new customer you can get.

In case you are wondering how to best get new customers to sign up, we are happy to share our experience: Our affiliate partners have seen great success by posting relevant information across different types of technology-related forums about our Web Scraper API and how it can be used to turn websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, TripAdvisor and even Google into structured data that can be analyzed easily. You can tell people about how to use the API, what to use it for, pricing plans, and other pieces of information you believe will be useful to developers and businesses in your audience.

25% Commission on Every Transaction

You will earn a 25% commission on every incoming subscription payment from new customers who used your unique affiliate URL to sign up. Depending on whether these customers sign up for a monthly or yearly billed plan, you will receive your commission payouts based on the full subscription price (for monthly billing) or based on a 20%-discounted subscription price (for yearly billing) at the beginning of each month.

To claim your personal affiliate link, click below and create your affiliate partner account:

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Affiliate Subscription Plans

All public subscription plans are eligible for the affiliate program: the Basic Plan at $19.99, the Professional Plan at $79.99 and the Business Plan at $199.99 per month. All plans can also be purchased with yearly billing at a 20% discount. You will find a quick subscription plan overview below — for more information, please take a look at the scrapestack Pricing Page.

Plan Name Monthly Price Monthly Affiliate Commission (25%)
Basic Plan $19.99 $4.99
Professional Plan $79.99 $19.99
Business Pro Plan $199.99 $49.99

Affiliate Program: Terms & Conditions

There is a simple set of terms and conditions your membership our affiliate program is subject to. Please read through the guidelines below before signing up for an affiliate partner account to make sure you have all the information you need to get started.

  • Payouts to affiliate partners are made at the beginning of each month in US Dollars using PayPal. When signing up for an affiliate partner account, you will have a chance to enter your PayPal account email address to configure payouts.
  • There is a minimum payout amount of USD $50.00 that must be accumulated before a payment can be made. Any earnings will be accumulated until the minimum amount of $50.00 is reached.
  • Affiliate partners are entitled to receive monthly or yearly commissions during a maximum period of 3 years for each acquired paid customer.
  • To prevent abuse of our affiliate program, new affiliate partners must have recruited at least 3 customers before the first payout can be made, regardless of the amount of earnings owed to the respective affiliate partner.
  • Although most affiliate earnings are reviewed within 2-5 business days, to prevent fraud and ensure a high level of compliance we are required to reserve the right to review individual earnings for a period of up to 90 days.
  • Any abuse or attempted abuse of this affiliate program will result in (i) a ban of the affiliate partner account associated with the abuse or attempted abuse, (ii) the immediate suspension of payouts and (iii) in appropriate legal actions against the abuser.
  • apilayer may stop specific parts of the partner program or the program in its entirety at any time, for any reason and in its sole discretion.
  • These affiliate program terms and conditions may be changed and adjusted by our company at any point in time. To keep up-to-date, please review these terms from time to time.

Need Assistance?

Do you need assistance or have any questions about our affiliate program or payout schedules? Our team is here to help you get up and running. Feel free to reach out to customer support anytime and somebody will be with you shortly.